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Move Your Company From Talk To Action.

Learn From 25+ Leaders & Innovators Like You
Who’ve Already Made The Journey From Idea To Impact. 

Learn From Others Who’ve Already Made That Journey From Idea to Impact

We all know, creating new change in old, large companies doesn’t happen overnight.

Especially in organizations that have been historically more concerned about shareholders than the world at large.

The truth is, long-held beliefs in the business world are changing, and they’re changing for the better.

Most senior leaders do want change, and they want it to come from within their own company. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy.

Sometimes, it means you have to change an office culture that’s been in place for decades. Other times, you have to spend ages convincing shareholders that your idea is a good one in the long-term bigger picture.

And other times, paperwork will just get lost on a routine “running it through legal” and you’ll feel like you’re starting from scratch again.

We recently hosted the Stories of Change – Virtual Summit, where 1000s of participants learned from 25+ leaders and innovators how to make it all happen, no matter what challenges they face.

Many of them asked if they could still get access to all the content on-demand, so that they could still grasp some ideas from the speakers, or tactics from the workshops.

So that they could binge-watch next weekend (or next-next), once that current deadline is over.

And yup, we decided to put all the talks, workshop recordings and slides in one Stories of Change – Digital Package.

Get lifetime access to all Summit Talks
(and much more…)
with the
Stories of Change – Digital Package.

Anytime access to all interview talks – forever!

They’re yours to access anytime, anywhere you need them. Rewatch the most pertinent sessions now, and access others as new situations arise along your innovation journey.

Need to get your team on the same page? Just check back this one video and share it with them!

It doesn’t matter if it’s three months or three years from now…you’ve alwaysgot personal and practical advice from leaders and innovators at your fingertips.

Plus – each interview is also available as an audio file (mp3) so you can download and listen on the go.

The Stories of Change – Guidebook

Sometimes, you just need a quick answer. Other times, you want to dive deep.

The Stories of Change Guidebook gives you the most important points from each session in an easy-to-read, easy-lookup digital guide.

These aren’t word-for-word transcripts crammed into a Word doc.  You’ll get a professionally written and designed ebook, containing the key points, strategies and practices from each talk.

We took notes so you don’t have to – and made it easy to quickly look up and click to the answer you need right now.

You can easily access it on any phone, tablet, or eReader.

In summary…

With the Stories of Change – Digital Package You’ll Get:

Forever Access to Talks & Workshops Videos

(€450 value)


Stories of Change – Digital Book

(€45 value)


That’s more than €585 in value!

The normal price of the full package is €75.

However, we know that some corporate rebels, change makers and intrapreneurs are not in a position to pay full price.

That’s why we’ve added a price adjustment option.

This means that you can adjust the price to whatever amount you’re ready to pay.

If you can pay €75, you can do that now. If you need to adjust the price to fit your situation, you can do that too.

Pay what you want!

No matter what position you’re in, we want to make sure you have access to all of the above.

We believe this content should be shared and spread as wide and far as possible, so that we collectively change business for good.

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