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Impaqt Fest Europe

12-15 April 2018, Dubrovnik

The Mission

The big challenges of our time are big opportunities for big business. We believe that business can be a force for good, that profit and purpose go hand in hand and that you can do well and do go good at the same time. It’s our mission to make sustainable business, business as usual.

The Tribe

You’re not the only crazy one. You’ll meet those who are also ready to challenge the status quo, to lead the change from the bottom up, to turn ideas into products that make a difference. You’ll leave with new friends who’ll be ready to support you once back in the office.

The Experience

This is not another boring conference- you’ll be actively working on your goals, supported by 50+ leaders, innovators and experts. You’ll feel energized after spending time in nature, doing yoga and sports, and having great dinner conversations under the open sky at a beautiful and green location.

The Speakers







More speakers announced soon!

The Agenda

Day 1: Purpose

Every change, no matter how tiny or big, starts with a commitment. A vision. An idea to contribute to something bigger. For you as an individual, for your team, for your organization- impact starts with purpose.

Day 2: Sustainable Business in Action

A little less conversation, a bit more action please? You bet. Hear from leaders and innovators across industries what and how they are bringing amazing innovations to market, and are leading change from within their companies.

Day 3: Get To Work

You’ll come with questions, challenges and ideas, and you’ll leave with answers, solutions and feedback. Project boosters, skill workshops and coaching couches- all help you take that next step on your journey.

Day 4: Next Steps and Pay It Forward

It won’t stop here- in fact, it only begins. You’ll get clear on your roadmap moving forward, and have connected with dozens of new friends to reach out to once back in the office.

Why Dubrovnik?

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s is a seaside castle town that captures the essence of a medieval Mediterranean fantasy.

But we didn’t just choose Dubrovnik for the mountains, beaches, and because it looks like King’s Landing come to life (minus the standard Game Of Thrones drama and intrigue) – there is a method to our madness, and it’s backed by science.

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