impaqt fest

Dubrovnik, 7-10 October 2017

A unique gathering of intrapreneurs, change makers and corporate rebels to learn, collaborate and celebrate everything sustainable business

The mission

The big challenges of our time are big opportunities for big business. We believe that business can be a force for good, that profit and purpose go hand in hand and that you can do well and do go good at the same time. It’s our mission to make sustainable business, business as usual.

The tribe

You’re not the only crazy one. You’ll meet those who are also ready to challenge the status quo, to lead the change from the bottom up, to turn ideas into products that make a difference. You’ll leave with new friends who’ll be ready to support you once back in the office.

The experience

This is not another boring conference- you’ll be actively working on your goals, supported by 50+ leaders, innovators and experts. You’ll feel energized after spending time in nature, doing yoga and sports, and having great dinner conversations under the open sky at a beautiful and green location.

Speakers & Themes



Circular Economy

Disruptive Technologies

… and more


Viral Wisdom


The Misfit Economy

Emily Fletcher

Ziva Meditation


Design Thinking



… and more

Gib Bulloch

Former Accenture

Milan Samani

Intrapreneur Lab

Richard Northcote

Chief Sustainability Officer, Covestro


Energy & Materials

Food &

Cities and Transport

… and more



Global goals for #Impaqt: Check out our blog at
Don't wait for someone telling you what to do. Design your own path. #beyourownhero
So true! #inspiration
Global goals for #Impaqt: Check out our blog at
Don’t look to the boardroom for answers – look to the street #business
What's a #gang for you?
Make the world a better place #social #responsibility
For us it's about sustainability.
Make a difference #global #csr
The need for control negatively affects us all #capitalism #change
#misfit #intrapreneur
#globalgoals #sustainable
13 reasons can't miss this! #9 👉🏿 Gib Bulloch. Coming from a long career in consulting, Gib is passionate by social innovation and he recently left Accenture to write, think, and start the non-profit arm of Accenture. Talk about agile.
Business for #impaqt: UN’s sustainable development agenda: 17 goals with specific targets to be reached by 2030
13 reasons can't miss this! #12 👉🏿 Milan Samani. Founder of The Intrapreneur Lab and a partner at TIL Ventures, he has accelerated some 60 ventures in 8 global cohorts and is responsible for over $15 million of corporate investment.
#corporatesocialresponsibility #sustainable #green #environmentallyresponsible #sustainablefuture #clean #wastemanagement #circulareconomy #goals #growthhacking #innovation #conference #events #career #careergoals #careerpath  #careerlife #tech #oneyoungworld #levo #ibm #adobe #google #singularity
If you want a risk-free, easy career, stable and predictable, you’re not an intrapreneur.
13 reasons can't miss this! #13 👉🏿 Marcella Navaro. Marcela Navarro will share key learnings from a pioneering open innovation program she designed and run, the RBS Innovation Gateway, which lead to 40.000 tones of carbon, over 200 million litres of water and £7.5m per year in savings

Why Dubrovnik?

Known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it’s is a seaside castle town that captures the essence of a medieval Mediterranean fantasy.

But we didn’t just choose Dubrovnik for the mountains, beaches, and because it looks like King’s Landing come to life (minus the standard Game Of Thrones drama and intrigue) – there is a method to our madness, and it’s backed by science.


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